Has anyone seen


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Jul 17, 2013
Jupiter, FL
"How to Dope The Wind - Beyond Belief" video by Best of The West? I just wonder if its worth it or is there a better teaching tool out there?

milo 2.0

I've watched it, learned some. Just realize it's a like a paid advertisement. The best teaching tool out there is range time, and being able to store what you've witnessed in that hard drive between your ears.

You may pick up a couple of pointers by purchasing it, like reading mirage, but you will pick this up on your own. Just go shoot some day when you know the wind is going to pick up, shoot before the big blow, and then through it, and remember what happened. Having a friend with the same skill level to learn together will help, but having someone with who's been through it is invaluable!


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Jul 20, 2012
Honestly, reading the wind is a skill one can only learn through practice. Grab a 22 with optics, a chart of wind speed and how to detect it (like this Beaufort Scales (Wind Speed)) and a note book. Look at environmental indicators, make notes, make a guess at speed, then take a shot on a target with a mil/moa grid and record the results. Once you can call the wind fairly well on your own, repeat the process with your rifle of choice to find our exact hold overs. Additionally, there are a number of good posts on here which discuss wind doping. Here is one from when I first got involved in long range shooting and was trying to learn the art. (http://www.snipershide.com/shooting...-questions/133869-reading-wind-beginners.html) Save your money for ammo; do your field work.