1. kombayotch

    Gunsmithing Varget residue won't come off FTE... wow!

    Not that the carbon really affects anything, but I am amazed at this. I went about 2000 rounds without cleaning the FTE. Was shooting mostly Varget. The front baffle has a thick layer of carbon on it that looks like lava rock. I have tried the following without success: -Soaking in Kroil...
  2. Sendero_Man

    Maggie’s ***** True Fact.... Wow !! ******

    At 5 Minutes and 6 seconds after 4 am, on the 8TH of July, this year,the time and date will be: 04:05:06 07-08-09 This will not happen again until the year 3009 !!! (I had a deep feeling that you just needed to know this) Aren't you glad you took time to read this ?
  3. Randy Rachel

    WOW look what I found

    Guys walked into my local gun shop today. They were putting items on the racks when my 14 year old son came and told me dad they got FED 215 Magnum Match primers in.....I went to look and WOW a box of 1000...Needless to say they came home with me. for $39.00