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    Rifle Scopes S&B PMII 12.5-50x56MM

    Hi Guys I love my PMII 5-25, anyone have experience with the new 12.5-50x scope? I forecast Mr Cross's longbow in my future. Thanks
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    Rifle Scopes nightforce NXS 12-42 x56mm.

    hey guys ive picked the scope i want to put on my REM.700 police .300 mag. i looked on their website but i cant find the prices so i know how mutch its going to cost also what are the the best bases and rings to use.
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    Rifle Scopes Nikon Monarch X 2.5x10x44MMvs Trijicon 2.5x10x56MM

    I have a RRA coyote AR-15 I want a great 250 yard scope for Coyote hunting in desert.I have the classic Larue 30mm mount. Nikon is $150 bucks more. What's the best? I want great optics. Leupold VX111 sucks! My Bushnell 2.5x16x50MM is better but that's on my bolt action rifle.Help me SH forum...