1. lordt313

    Range Report Interesting event happened yesterday, advice?

    I was shooting yesterday at the range at 200yds, I began with shooting my 175SMK handloads and everything was good, then I tried some of my 178AMAX loads and they were hitting 4 inches right on the target!!! I corrected my windage to get on target and then everything was fine, I went from 200...
  2. Victor Co Heather

    Yesterday at the range...

  3. T

    boredom + krylon = a little better than yesterday

    tell me what you think about it. before: yesterday: today:
  4. smack

    Hunting & Fishing Bagged a couple more Chucks yesterday....

    A few more Rockchucks with the old 7x57, 150gr Nosler Ballistic tip Seconds over 48.3 grains of H4350 and a Fed 210M. In close off hand shooting, made for some fun..