Range Report 16" .308 Bullet for Comps.


Gunny Sergeant
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  • Jun 16, 2007
    Anacortes WA
    Well, as most of the local comps are now banning magnums, I'm being forced to get my DPMS LR 308 into action for tactical comps. It only has a 16" brl so I'm not going to get good velocity out of anything heavy. (I have LOT's of 208 A Max for my 300WM) So I'm thinking 150-175's maybe. & I use 45.5gr of Varget for my 147gr load in this gun now, @ 2570fps, but the FMJ are also banned for comps. I just found the 168gr Hornady HPBT in stock locally, so I'm thinking about trying those.
    What are your thoughts?