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I posted my story about hunting 2 weekends ago and taking 2 pigs with one shot at 180 yards with the Nosler 280AI and 140 Acccubond load and Zeiss Victory FL 4-16x50

Got my brother to email me the pics


here they are, flipped the right one over to show the impact on the first one



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Dec 4, 2009
wenatchee wa.
Re: 2 pigs, one bullet

I've only been able to do this once with rock chucks and have tried with coyotes. But a sweet shot!! Nice twofer.


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Jan 19, 2009
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Re: 2 pigs, one bullet

Good shooting, must be a Texas thing! Here's mine from over the summer out by Abilene. Shot first one (right side of pic) in the neck with a 140 grain hunting VLD from my 260, blew vertebrae out the other side and the bullet entered his sister behind him's head. They're small, but tasted awesome, and that's the coolest shot I've taken while hunting. Mine were about 85 yards away. I was with my brother at the time as well. Congrats!



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Nov 7, 2003
Bryan, Texas
Re: 2 pigs, one bullet

The less pigs in Central Texas the better. Good shooting!


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Re: 2 pigs, one bullet

It was daybreak when I saw the pigs down the sendero from the blind
I actually got to it late (perhaps a bit too much Crown the night before) and saw them, wind was in my face and I figured I could sneak into the blind and get situated. They were "pigging out" on the corn I had put out and werent going anywhere soon so I crawled across the sendero and snuck into the blind.

There was a big boar there as well but I decided I wanted a little one as I had cleaned a big one 2 weeks prior.

The I got greedy and decided I wanted 2 and waited for two to get perfectly lined up. As anyone who hunts hogs knows they are fidgety littles bastards!

Lined it up, dialed the scope in for 180 and squeezed the trigger.
Saw them both go down

Inspection revealed that the first pig got hit right behind the ear.
It exited it's ear and drilled the 2nd one right behind the ear, almost identical placement. It must have been quartering towards me as the bullet was lodged under the hide far side just behind the shoulder.
I haven't weighed the bullet but it looked very good.

I am impressed with the 140 Accubonds
The evening before the bullet exited the does neck at 346 yards.
The next day I hit a buck quartering towards me in the shoulder at 100 yards and the bullet was lodged just ended the skin far side at the back of the ribs.
It took out te spine and too of the heart. DRT, never even wiggled.
The bullet looked good as well.
Will weigh and post pics of both.