Firearms  *$200**Unfired 16" Aero Precision 308 AR10 barrel and Geissele low pro gas block.


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Jun 11, 2014
Pullman Washington
Hello guys, I am reposting this AR10 barrel I have had for a few years. I initially bought it for a project that I never finished. Anyways I am selling the barrel and gas block together. I mounted the barrel on an upper receiver but never fired it so it is still brand new. The gas block is a Geissele Super low profile gas block. Barrel cost me around $225 or so brand new, and the gas block cost me another $60 or so new. The bravo company gas tube cost me something like $10 as well.

Anyways, I just want to get rid of it to save me the space on my reloading bench. PM me for details. Phone number is 509-690-7503. I work night shift and I am usually available from 5pm to 10am PST before I got to sleep. Feel free to pm me, call me or text me. I am using old pics from an old post but I can get newer photos when I get home from work later.

I posted in the accessories section as well so let me know if one of them needs to be removed or something.


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