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2017 NCAA Football Survival Pool Week 1


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May 21, 2012
Tulsa, OK
2017 NCAA Football Survival Pool Week 1

It's that time again, 1st game kicks off Saturday, August 26th and Week 1 goes all the way through September 4th.

Please remember have your picks in before kickoff of any game before Saturday. Saturday deadline for ALL games is 11:00 AM EST. Any other day of the week, Pick must be made before the game kicks off.

Official Survival Pool Week 1 2017

1) Pick one college FBS team per week.
3) Once you pick a team you MAY NOT PICK THEM AGAIN.
4) If your pick loses you're out. You only advance to the next week if your pick wins.
5) If you fail to pick in a given week, you're out.
6) Last player standing wins.
7) Picks must be posted in that week's thread.
8) If all the undefeated teams lose in a given week or no survivors can advance to the next week there is no tie breaker. If there is a tie, those survivors win.
9) Each succeeding week post your pick for that week as well as those of your previous picks.
Week 1: Penn State
Week 2: Clemson
Week 3: South Carolina
Week 4: Indiana

10) If you change a pick, don’t make a change in the original post just make a new post. I use the last post you make for a pick.
11) Be very clear with your pick. Follow the name format of ESPN Conference Standings! Bama doesn’t get it!
12) Schedule weeks are per ESPN. As moderator of the pool I will settle all disputes.

FBS (I-A) Schedule - 2017 - NCAAF - ESPN
Good Luck and start picking!

Post your Week 1 picks in this thread
I will play again. I host the same game for my customers each year and they love it. I never get to play any more because I'm moderating/hosting the game, but I will gladly participate this year.

Week 1: Washington State
Last call for new players! Last of the Week 1 games kicks off tomorrow night.