SOLD 22 Creedmoor, Bartlien, KRG, Timney, APA, XLR "Ready to Go" PRICE DROP!!!


Sergeant of the Hide
Feb 25, 2017
This rifle started as an Area 419 built 22-250. Remington 700 action that was blueprinted with side bolt release and threaded and fluted bolt. Area 419 bolt knob, Bartlien 8 twist barrel, Timney 510 trigger, XLR 20 moa rail, APA Brake, KRG Bravo stock with QD mounts on left side. Action and barrel have been cerakoted FDE. The original setup had around 150 rounds on it than was set back and rechambered in 22 Creedmoor by Lee Gardner. The current setup has 80 rounds on it. It shoots 75gr Berger VLD's at 3500fps. Just finished build on 20" Carbon Proof 22 Creed so need to sell this one to help fund new one. $1850 complete rife minus Scope and Rings. No magazine or sling! PRICE DROP $1700 NEW BUILD IS ALMOST READY!!!!!!


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