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Mar 10, 2021
Hey all,

I’ve had my Nosler 48 chambered in 26 Nosler for awhile and just starting to really work on load development. I’ve got 127 LRX’s and 140 Berger’s on hand. My issue with both of these is using Retumbo I run in to pressure way earlier than I should be. The gun starts to really group well as soon as I’m at the upper limits, but I start seeing heavy bolt lift and ejector marks that are pretty heavy. Brass is FL sized correctly, trimmed yadda yadda. My charge weights are verified on my beam scale and I’ve played with different primers all getting the same result. So; does anyone have any pet loads that they’re seeing good results out of? Berger has some listed for the 140’s, and Barnes sent me some data for the LRX’s but the Berger data is way hot and the Barnes is pretty slow. I’d hate to handicap this chamber and shoot it at speeds a PRC is capable of with far less powder. My goal was to have it be a solid hunting rifle that I could zero at 300 and be comfortable out to 700 or better on everything besides Elk.

Thanks for any ideas or info!


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  • Feb 10, 2019
    I bought a Browning X Bolt in 26 Nosler when Cabelas had a big sale on them. I use 127 LRX over US869 powder and harvested a mule deer in Wyoming. Nosler has load data on their reloading data site for 26 Nosler - used that to start my load development. I bought multiple boxes of factory blem 26 Nosler loaded with 140 Custom Competition projectiles to start the barrel break in and scope zero and also to harvest the brass. US869 seems to be more available than most "magnum" powders.

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    Apr 26, 2019
    I had a browning x-bolt in 26 nosler for a while. I also saw early pressure signs. That barrel collected copper like it was a copper mine.

    From my experience I wouldn't mess with barrel break in, and I wouldn't load more than 20 rounds, because the throat erodes that fast.