.308 Lapua Brass ….Tight primer pockets!


Aug 21, 2020
I had some real problems with an order of LAPUA brass in .308 . The brass was small primer pocket. It was a bitch seating the Primers. Out of a 100 only 20 sat where they were supposed to the rest seated high in the pockets. Got them to seat only after treating them like crimped military brass . And then that didn’t work on a few. I contacted LAPUA and they were not much help. They told me to use a Sinclair hand held primer . I used one and my Redding press but a considerable amount of force was necessary to seat them. Before this order I had an order of 6.5 Creedmoor small pocket with absolutely no issues seating the primers. I tried CCI and Winchester primers too see if that was the issue. Both were equally difficult to seat. I talked to a few people I know who ran into this issue. Anyone else run into this?