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Firearms 6.5 creedmoor parts for sale


Mar 9, 2021
parting out a brand new build. too many hobbies to use this gun. put it together and put it in the safe. never even loaded a round.

proof research 22” cf barrel- $1049
origin short action- $900
mpa ba comp chasssis- $1100
little bastard muzzle brake- $160
triggertech trigger- $160
Athlon Optics Gen2 4.5-29-56- $1500
2-5 round and 1 10 round pmags- $80

proof research carbon fiber 22" barrel
113042 TL3/SR3 Short 20 8 5/8-24 Sendero 2lbs-11oz $1,049

zermatt origin short action
Bighorn Arms Origin Short Action
(Bolt Orientation: Right Hand, Bolt Head: Standard (.308))

masterpiece arms bolt action chassis
Masterpiece Arms MPA BA Comp Chassis (Remington 700 SA Footprint)
(Color: Black)

Gen 2 Little Bastard muzzle brake
Gen 2 Little Bastard Self Timing Muzzle Brake × 1
5/8x24 / 6.5 / Stainless

Athlon Optics Gen2 4.5-29-56- $1500
4.5-29x56 APRS1 FFP IR MIL

triggertech trigger
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