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6 Creedmoor Factory ammo Freebore requirements

wind gypsy

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Aug 5, 2014
I recently got a 6 creed barreled action back chambered with a reamer I was told was SAAMI but it actually had shorter than SAAMI freebore. Smith said 0.125" IIRC. Factory norma 107 golden target chambers but factory berger 95 classic hunter jams in the lands before bolt close.

I'm sending it back and he's going to add a little more length to the throat but I'm not sure how much I want to add. He does not have another reamer with longer freebore so will solely be lengthening the throat. My first reaction was to just try to get roughly to SAAMI spec so there was never any issue but SAAMI throat is quite long.

I foresee this rifle getting lots of factory norma golden target, hornady 105 bthp, and hornady 108 match ammo. So I want it long enough to function with the factory Berger ammo but has anyone had experience with how much freebore would be needed for the hornady 105 bthp or 108 eld factory ammo (Assuming same freebore diameter, leade angle as SAAMI)?
saami is a .183 freebore
I'm aware.

Was mostly just curious if that much freebore was needed for factory hornady 108 Eld and Black 105 bthp ammo or if you could cut 20-30 though off it and still not be jammed. I'll probably just have him try to get it close to SAAMI as i'm not concerned with chasing lands.

Yes it is as factory is about .020" off the lands at .183 freebore. If you plan to shoot the 108s and 105s just get SAAMI.