6 years old and already a Cadex fan!

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Out on the range and in the great outdoors with his dad and the CDX-30 Lite in 6.5 CM practicing.

This little man Chase, now at 6 years old, getting ready for the hunt this weekend! In the pictures, you can see it last year with the buck of his dad. Now, he wants his. And with his dad Joe’s coaching and careful eye, Chase can shoot!

Let’s hope he gets a shot at the big buck!

1-traite-Joe Griffin - F5935C0F-94EE-491D-BDFA-ECE5A260034E.jpg

2-traite-Joe Griffin - 28016ED9-F0C0-4C97-9F43-FEE6806C8C3E.jpg

3-traite-Joe Griffin - 1578189A-06A8-49C0-9335-25747E8AE2B1.jpg