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6X45 Dies


Nov 20, 2011
Hello all.
First post, so I hope this is in the right place.
Hate to get smacked down before I get started.

Anyway,,,, here's my question.
Can I use 223 bushing dies for the 6X45? (Redding Type S)
Seems to me that as long as I swap the bushing and expander stem to the appropriate size it should work.
Naturally I'd swap the stem in the seater die to 6MM also.

The reason I ask is that I'm planning to spruce up a new SPS in 223 to my liking, but I'd like to shoot it in 223 form for a while I get the mods done and save up the funds to rebarrel.
Therefore I'd like to use the Type S die set in 223 form until I'm ready, and then modify em to work with the 6X45 round if at all possible.

FYI,,, I plan to use a K&M mandrel to form brass.
Any problems there?

Re: 6X45 Dies

You may run into an issue with the bushing die in the body not being big enough to pass the fired 6mm neck with a 223 die.

If that's the case the fix is easy, just have your gunsmith run a little boring bar through the die sleeve to make sure that it can pass a fired 6mm neck into the sizing bushing.

I don't know that this will be an issue, I DO know that guys converting 300 RUM dies to 338 Edge dies ran into it in the past and it required some minor machine work to fix the issue.

I believe that Redding will do the changes for you too for a relatively nominal fee. New sleeves for the bushing type neck sizing dies are about $20, so if you want to go back to a 223 at some point it's as easy as ordering a new one (or running with the modified one, since I highly doubt it would be an issue either way)
Re: 6X45 Dies

Not sure what you mean.
I'm wanting to use a 223 "Bushing Die". The body never changes, but the "Neck Bushings" are interchangable from 17cal to 338.

Or am I missing something here?
Isn't a 6X45 simply a 223 case necked up to 6mm?
Re: 6X45 Dies

The bushing die has a guide inside of it which the neck passes through untouched, much like a Body Die. The clearance on the neck is small though, usually not more than what a standard chamber is setup as.

Imagine trying to stuff a 6-223 into a regular 223 chamber, that's the same problem in the die.
Re: 6X45 Dies

Bushing sizer die has interchangeable "neck" but the shoulder of the die stops just short of where the "neck" would be. Might need to have die modified a bit to allow the larger neck of the 6X45 cartridge to pass through the neck/shoulder junction area to get to the bushing.

Give Redding a call, they can tell you how much is clearance is present in the 223 bushing die for going up in caliber. IF die needs to be opened up a bit, they can probably help you out there also. Worst case find a machine shop and have them open up the shoulder/neck area of die.
Re: 6X45 Dies

Got it.
I didn't realize the opening was caliber specific.
Learned something today,,, thanks.

I wonder if Forster's Bushing/Bump die is the same?
Probably is. I prefer Forster dies and know for positave that they'll hone a die for less than it costs to ship it to em.
I'll call them first and try Redding if it's a no-go with Forster.

Thanks again for enlightening me.