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Dec 7, 2012
West (By GOD) Virginia
I was assembling pieces for a couple builds but have decided to go a different route.

Faxon 10.5" 5.56 barrel
1×8 twist
40rds ish thru it.
with SLR adjustible gas block
lowered to $225 shipped

Noveske 10.5" 300AAC barrel
1×8 twist
brushed stainless
includes noveske pinned gas block/tube
pistol gas length
has under 26 rds through it
lowered to $300 shipped in lower 48.

KAK 9" Mr Blonde barrel
300 AAC
1x8 twist
pistol gas length
Brushed stainless
lowered to $200 shipped in lower 48

Will take optics in trade or possibly trade toward a Bergara Premiere in 308 or 300 prc. With $$$ on my end of course.


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