A little info on the c420 PAPR for Covid and beyond.


Sep 10, 2018
I picked this set up all on ebay.
$90 for the pump (like new)
$80 for the hose (new)
$60 2 non rechargeable batteries
45.24 watt hours gives 10 hours
$15 x4 8 aa battery pack BK-002
$20 x4 8x aa eneloop white
2.28 watt hours x8
18.24 watt hours gives 4 hours
$160 For a PAPR hood
60 bucks for 6 HEPA filters
$560 total for a legit PAPR set up that will last for up to 12 hours without additional batteries if you are interested. For any of you smart asses wondering why I need this, Its for work to keep from catching this shit.

The hood can be switched out with a gas mask if you prefer. Ill post some more pics when I get the rest of the stuff.