Accuracy International mk1, help me justify it.


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Jan 9, 2012
I've always loved the original AIs with the fixed thumbhole stocks. I want one because I want one, but I'm a cheap fucker and I've been downsizing lately. I'm looking at a mk1 with a 16.5" barrel.

What would an AI mk1 give me that I'm not getting out of my current match guns? Those being: 1- win m70 in 6br, will shoot .2s but feeding from AICS mags is spotty because the dbm isn't super tight.

2- stock rem 700P from the late 80s. Shoots 3/4 to 1 moa, but I've been doing great with it in PRS. Topped with a leupold mk4 10x it just feels like everything fits together.

I'm assuming the used AI will out shoot the 700, I doubt it will touch the 6br. The AI will give me a shorter barrel, and that could be handy. I really like the switch barrel option.

I know people say AI's are like driving a BMW, but honestly the luxury experience doesn't matter to me, when I'm running PRS I don't feel the trigger weight or smoothness of the bolt.

The wife hates me being cheap and letting guns slip through my hands, and I do want one, but I'm just really on the fence about it.


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Jun 11, 2013
I have a MKIII. It was my first AI and still my only AI. It’s stupid reliable but in stock configuration it probaly isn’t touching your 6BR like you said. Plus it’s harder to change stocks or triggers since it doesn’t have the full aftermarket support of a R700.

An MKI doesnt have a switch barrel set up like an AT with just a small hex key at 10in pounds. So you arnt gaining much there. I’d say get the MKI if you want an MKI. What’s the price on it?

AI AT was going for 3.5k awhile ago which would give you an amazing QD barrel change option. But similar actions today have QD barrel options as well, like the Zeus but it is just a hex screw touching the barrel as a friction stop instead of an AT than is an entire clamp down set up.


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  • Feb 27, 2019
    It would all depend on price. The current AI switch barrels have a lot going for them. Even if you only change the barrels at home every so often. As it doesn’t require additional tools

    The mags on the later versions are the double stacks and hands down awesome mags

    Will it be more accurate than what you have. Probably not. Everything else can be a crapshoot for reliability and preference

    If your wife hates you being cheap then just get a post 2014 AT or AX. If you buy used from here or mile high shooting you’ll loose nothing if you decide to be a “poor” and resell later

    I questioned buying my first AI. My AIAT. After owning that I needed zero questions to decide to buy my AXMC

    If your getting a steal on the MK1 you’d be happy. But if it’s around $2500-$3000 then pony up the extra $500 and get an AT post 2014

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