Advice on running Win style bottom metal on FN SPR


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Feb 4, 2009
Dallas, TX
I’ve got a 1st Gen FN SPR and I just bought a new Macmillan A3 stock from someone locally to try on it. This stock is set up for a Winchester model 70 short action with the one piece floor plate.

My dilemma is—now that CDI is gone—whether to get one of the PTG bottom metals that fits the current config of my new stock (but only takes the single stack AE mags) or try to modify/inlet the stock for the FN dbm pattern to have the ability to run AICS mags. I don’t really perceive a need to run higher capacity mags, but having a standardized system would be nice. Also the bottom metal I currently have is a 4 round dbm so if I mod the stock for the fn dbm pattern I could use that. I wouldn’t mind just running a floorplate, but buying all the parts seems just as expensive as going with dbm.

My main concern is whether going the single stack ae mag route (with less stock modding) would have more potential to feed/work better than trying to tackle the “wide mouth” conversion which requires the fn style cut. Does anyone have an idea of what it would typically cost to fit a dbm bottom metal to a3 stock that is cut for a floor plate—and get it to function correctly. Any experiences would be helpful, I’ve found some threads on the wide mouth dbms but haven’t seen a lot of experience with running the Winchester style (round nose) bottom metals. It seems like it might be less hassle but hard to really know.


Sep 28, 2022
Washington state
I have the floor plate/internal magazine leftover from my conversation to the TBM setup installed in on my Model 70 stealth. Let me know what dimensions you want and if your interested in it I’ll let it go cheap.