Ah hell, crazy shit posted to YouTube....


Feb 13, 2017
South central, co
That is some sad shit.

I filled out a survey the other week for state repubs prioritizing a list where I think we need to improve most. My 1 and 2 were vet affairs.

I have a couple shot up vet buddies that I am always checking up on and making sure they are squared away. I always question giving to the organizations in fear the money is going to get tied up in admin and not make it where i t should. I decided to make it go straight to a few that I know can use it, whether its straight cash in one case and in the other just getting him out as much as possible.

We have a Healing Waters group that comes down in the area a couple times a year. I tried to get involved with them and offered to float dudes that had a hard time wade fishing. They said I had to get bonded, insured, all kinds of shit. I thought, man, I just want to take these dudes fishing. I am going to look into it for next year. So, any combat vets (young or old) want to go float fishing for trout in southern CO, lemme know. Anybody that knows of a worthwhile org that needs help down here, love to hear about that as well.

I think I got a bad recruiter when I tried to sign up right after 9-11. Said I had to give full custody to the ex to get in. I had just finished a huge ongoing court battle to get joint custody so I wasn't willing. So, I feel like now I need to serve those that did as much as I can, just don't want to pad pockets trying to make money off of them.


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Apr 26, 2013
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Yeah, that's fuckin' tragic... The 10 spinal taps thing makes me guess his kid's fever got above 103 and they really start pushing for a meningitis test at that point.

This dude is about to have a whole lot of LEO coming down on him, and shit's about to get fucked...
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