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Firearms AI AT-X Folder $5230 Elite Sand New

we just got hinges in, and there is (1) reserved for this rifle as well!
The hinge assembly is not in the normal inventory, otherwise it would be sold out in minutes, so its only available for this rifle (you have to let me know you want it). Once the rifle sells if the buyer doesn't want to hinge, I will put it back into inventory.
Edit….never mind…I just got tracking already…crazy fast! Thanks man 💪🏼
Yeah, I knew they were going to sell fast, so what I was saying is that I pulled (1) out of inventory for the AT-X rifle in this thread so whoever buys the rifle has a chance to get a hinge right away.

Yours is already shipping, and we might be out of stock already on the others we got in...
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Tool less stock adjustments for length of pull and comb height?
AT-X requires a Allen Wrench to make those adjustments, but it’s provided below the cheek riser.
The latest generation AT-X has tool less adjustments. Was just wondering if this is the latest one.
This one does not have thumb screws to adjust the heights. However, not sure those ones are actually shipping yet? I haven't seen one come through my shop yet. However that being said, with the folder, I actually prefer the allen key method since I don't really want my stuff to move easily, and I don't need to lower the comb since I have a folder to pull the bolt...