SOLD AI AXMC 338LM w/ 6.5CM AI Barrel and complete .308 bolt assembly (small firing pin) $7150 shipped *SOLD*


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Oct 29, 2017
Leesburg, VA
Hi guys,

Have an AI AXMC in sage green for sale today. Don't really get to stretch its legs like I'd like to with the 338LM. Would rather free up funds for other hobbies.

As expected, it shoots lights out with either barrel, a few weeks ago I was shooting out to 1100m in 6.5CM configuration and having no issues hitting a 5in plate.

Rifle has some honest light wear here and there, but nothing major, and was relatively babied its entire life. Never thrown around or beat up.

Rifle is an '18 model year, and has exactly:

250 rounds of 338LM through it
325 rounds of 6.5CM through it

Package comes with:

1 x 27in 338LM AI barrel
1 x 338LM Bolt Assembly
1 x 24in 6.5CM AI barrel 5/8x24 threaded, comes with threaded end cap
1 x 308 SFP (Small Firing Pin) Bolt Assembly - not the bolt body, but the ENTIRE bolt assembly
2 x 338LM 10 round Magazines in sage green
1 x 308 / 6.5 / etc pattern AXSR magazine in black - no longer needs the stupid magazine well adapter.
RRS Arca Plate
Anarchy Outdoors Thumb Rest (installing this caused the stock to no longer lock while folded, but it doesn't flop around, I haven't found it to be a big deal) - I honestly don't know what happened to the pieces I took out, I can try and find them but can't promise them.
Wiebad Cheekpad

Looking to get $7150 for the entire package shipped. Rifle will be shipped to your FFL overnight UPS, insured, signature required.

Not looking for trades at the moment.

Please make sure that your FFL will receive shipments from an individual.

I accept Paypal (F&F) or if using G&S, add the 3% please with no mention of firearms whatsoever. If Paypal isn't your thing, I also accept Venmo or Zelle - if using Venmo G&S add the 3% as well with again, no mention of firearms / firearms parts.

Other payment methods (Check or Cashiers Check / MO) can be discussed if you've got a reasonable amount of history / sales here.

IM me with any questions.


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