Hunting & Fishing  And Still The Blacktail of Blacktails


Lost Squirrel
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  • Aug 7, 2011
    PNW WA
    So I was looking at Jakes Muley in the "Finally got my Muley" thread and then for some reason started thinking about my passion, "True" Columbia Blacktails. You know, like Thomas Gogan's from 1960. Lewis County is an hour away from me and I'm telling you, they still have the gene pool over there for BIG Blacktails. My God. Mr Gogan, I hate you. :p


    [h=2]#1 Typical Columbia Black-Tailed Deer[/h]

    Image Courtesy of SCI
    Who: Thomas Gogan
    When: October 1960
    Where: Lewis County, Washington
    Method: Rifle
    Points: 10 (5×5)
    Main Beams: 22 3/8″ & 23 1/8″
    Greatest Inside Spread: 18 3/8″
    183 3/8” overall

    Some people look down their noses at Black-Tailed Deer because they are typically smaller compared to their Mule Deer cousins. While this is generally true, there are some real monsters out there, as demonstrated by this old brute. Though this buck was taken over 50 years ago, two deer have come close to surpassing him in the last 10 years but couldn’t quite get over the hump. As a piece of personal motivation, this deer was killed about an hour from where I live and not too far from where I hunt. Maybe I’ll run into one of his descendants out in the woods one day…