Arkco Machine base for my LR


  • Nov 14, 2020
    I recently bought a lab radar (2 months) along with the LR tripod. I wasn’t happy with the tripod but hey I bought it and I am going to use it. That is until I saw this: I placed my order along with this: and of course these: The only draw back was the spiked feet were out of stock. No issues, I sent them an email asking to be put on a wait list for the feet. Rather quickly, Matt emailed me and said they will be ready soon. How soon you ask, I got notification that my order shipped the next day and another email saying the feet are with it. I received all three products today and installed them etc. I am freaking impressed and feel like my money was well spent. Superior customer service as well. Very happy to support a member here as well. Thank you for great customer service and quick order handling and shipping. Here are some photos of my LR set up:
    Vault300 LR case.jpg
    Vault300 inside.jpg
    Arkco base, spiked feet and head unit.jpg
    base extended.jpg
    underside folded.jpg
    spiked feet.jpg
    LR with base.jpg


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    Apr 30, 2019
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    I have one as well and it’s great. Mine is just attach to the LR and it fits perfectly in the LR case with it.

    I would highly recommend the base along with the Piet trigger (my spelling may not be right)