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Feb 1, 2012
Los Angeles Kalifornia
I have a couple of 308's each with top shelf barrels. One is a Bartlein and the other is a Kreiger. Both are Remington Varmint profile. I would like to order up a new Brux barrel for a precision .223 build I am about to start. My questions are pretty simple:

(1) Does a Remington Varmint profile on a .223 barrel have the same O.D. (major diameter) at the muzzle as a .308 with a Remington Varmint profile?

(2) Is a "Remington Varmint" profile the same across all major barrel manufacturers?

In other words, will a Bartlein, Brux, Rock, Kreiger all have the same outer dimensions from the chamber to the muzzle if they are all labeled as "Remington Varmint" profile?

Thanks for any input. I do appreciate it.

Frank Green

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Oct 27, 2006
Yes the Remington varmint contour is the same regardless of caliber from the factory for the most part.

I've seen factory rem. varmints vary from around .820 to about .840 at the muzzle. That's why we do a .830 muzzle diameter as a standard. Any barrel maker offering a rem. varmint factory contour when you fit it to your action it should pretty much drop back into your stock. Best thing to do is call the barrel maker and ask the question.

Later, Frank
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