Gunsmithing Barrel shortening/crowning for a .22lr....easy?



My folks found a beater single-shot .22lr above their garage a few weeks ago. It's salvageable, but the front sight and crown are toast. I am considering making this a learning process.

Is shortening a barrel as easy as Larry Potterfield makes it look on YouTube?

I've been told to use a small pipe cutter to get a good starting point for the hack saw. Any other tips?


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Mar 4, 2010
Grand Rapids, MI
Re: Barrel shortening/crowning for a .22lr....easy?

I've sawed off a few barrels now. Use a hack saw or band saw if you have one, barrel steel is tough so don't expect it to go quick or easy if you're using a manual saw.

I don't usually get the cut perfect, so I clean it up with a file and a machinist's square to get the cut as close to square with the bore as possible.

Then cut the crown of your choice. A piloted crown cutter works great, some people use a brass ball with abrasives. A lathe is probably the best way to do it but not many people have one of those.

Good luck, post pics when you're done! Also remember to keep it legal, under 16" is a no-no.