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Accessories Bartlein 260 Remington Remage/BugNut barrel


Feb 11, 2018
Bartlein heavy varmint 26" barrel chambered in 260 Remington setup for a Remington 700 action with a 0.250 recoil lug. Muzzle is threaded for 5/8-24 pitch threads. The machine work was done by Southern Precision Rifles aka Bugholes. This is a "Remage" style barrel, allowing for proper headspace to be set for your action by adjusting the barrel nut. Southern Precision Rifles calls this a Bugnut barrel. This barrel shoots Berger hybrid ammo great and I was very impressed by the accuracy of the Berger factory ammo in this barrel. It shoots 140 hybrids, 130 OTM, and 140 ELD's very well. I had no problem finding a good load with any of these bullets. It has 1200 rounds thru it, and plenty of life left in it. Includes the BugNut barrel nut. $400 shipped to lower 48.

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I will take the barrel. PM sent with the reply.