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SOLD Bergara B14 22LR in McMillan A10, arca, etc


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  • Feb 14, 2017
    I put this together thinking I would shoot more NRL but I won’t have time for that this year so this one is hitting the road. It sits in a McMillan A10 with arca rail and pure precision M5 bottom metal (locks up well with the bergara mags). I just put a brand new firing pin and striker in there.

    Will come with two mags. I thought I have a third somewhere so if I miraculously find it I’ll send it with the gun.

    Optic and mount not included. I do have options I can sell with it if you want a turnkey setup.

    $1,250 shipped.

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    Not sure but I can throw it on the bathroom scale after work.
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    Trying to keep it together at the moment but I might separate in a couple days. I’ll get some groups shot tonight as I don’t have any on my phone. It eats up SK like it is its job.
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    I would assume so but can’t be 100%.

    I’ve had a ton of people ask for groups. I’ll get them whenever I get a scope to toss on there. Also several people asking my bottom dollar. I’m going to keep it where it’s at since I’ve had a ton of interest, just haven’t been able to shoot groups yet.