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Apr 12, 2001
Base of the Rockies
In this world filled with talk of viruses, cures and vaccination, the ultimate immunity you seek is right under your nose; Imperceivable trigger press. You inoculate yourself by taking a SnipersHide Precision Rifle Course.  Within an hour of the introduction of the instructors you are handed a prescription in the form of a Fundamental Evaluation Score Sheet.  Your diagnosis; a nagging tap – slap – crush or jerk of a trigger.  

Recovery from this horrible disease will not be easy.  It will require hundreds of perfect presses.  Most of them will be under the direct scrutiny of Frank Galli or Marc Taylor.  You can’t ignore or hide it anymore and the only path to wellness is an imperceivable trigger press..

In “Mechanics of the Firing Hand” we discussed the pincer function of the trigger finger and the thumb.  Isolation of the thumb from doing what it was designed to do; move toward the index...
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