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Broken M7 Safety


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  • May 16, 2011
    Advance, MO
    I had a stainless Rem Model Seven barreled action with a trigger installed sitting on my bench.

    I also had a bag on my bench. Picked up the bag, action came off and landed on the safety.

    None of the big-name retailers have replacement safety levers for the M7. Basix doesn't make one and suggested buying a 700 safety kit, shaving the stock and making it fit. I don't particularly like this idea as There's not much room for shaving the stock as it is. I stuck a 700 safety off an extra trigger in it for the time being, but it certainly isn't going to fit.

    I called Remington and they said I needed to send my barreled action in for a NEW TRIGGER. Screw that noise.

    I called Brownells to see if they could order one, but they told me Remington considers it a "restricted part" only available for factory repairs.

    Does anybody have an idea?