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SOLD Bushnell Elite Tactical ET6245FG 6-24x50 w/TPS rings


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May 14, 2020
Selling my Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24x50, model ET6245FG. Made in Japan. Includes TPS scope rings. G2DMR reticle, FFP. Good condition, used on my (now sold) .243 Accurate Ordinance rifle. Great shape, no issue with the glass or rings. Very few marks or anything - is in great shape.
Asking $600 $550 delivered, should serve someone very well for the price. Happy to send more photos as needed, or have call/video.


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These are quality built, durable optics. I have the exact model and will probably never sell. It's a perfect scope to throw great glass on any gun. 22, pellet gun, bolt guns and AR's. I've literally put it on everything and it straight works all day long. Very clean glass.
What's the minimum distance for parallax ?

Height of rings?