cataract surgery vs. iron sights PART 2


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Apr 7, 2008
This is gonna be a long post because I'm too excited to shut up.

First, I wanna thank all the guys for responding to my previous posted question--


I musta read the entire thread "cataract surgery vs iron sights" 4 or 5x to be sure I could remember all the nuances of your feedbacks to pose questions to the doctor. My first (left eye) surgery was on Dec 7, and the second was done two days ago, on the 21st. As you may have noticed, I've been on the forum typing out posts since the 7th. I popped the left lens out of my glasses and I could see the computer through the right-lensed eye. I noticed several things with that vision combination--the brain does take over--reading was slightly inconvenient, but the brain adjusts, though not reflexively. I also found, as Greg described, that the combo vision can be a real challenge because it alters one's depth perception markedly.

When I consulted the doctor before the first surgery, he said (the [TORIC II lens) he recommends (in "agreement" with Baron23) could cause some halo-ing with lights at night, and that "parking could be a challenge, but those who've gone that way and opted for 'monovision' are content with their choice". Aside from my own personal experience with a week of "dual vision", I met with my brother-in-law for lunch between the surgeries and we both noticed that he misread the menu BECAUSE the "brain-adjustment" with his 'monovision lenses' wasn't reflexive--he had to devote his attention to distancing to get it right. He also said that in order to look over his left shoulder for traffic, he has to turn farther in order to look with the right eye--much like I had to shut my right to see traffic with the lensed eye... so I stuck with my pre-surgery choice (during the Dec 1st consultation) of all ya'lls recommendation of 2 far lenses.

I'm typing this without glasses. It's a bit fuzzy, and the font is 'one size up', but the right eye hasn't nearly fully recovered and is the stronger eye, so I anticipate nothing but better and better results as the days progress. If I cover my right eye, I can see what I type clearly; the right eye is fuzzy, but two days after surgery, it's probably seeing what my left eye saw after 4 days--and the eye heals quicker than almost anything else in the body, so two days' difference is a loong measure. My vision now is amazing. I need bifocals for reading up close, but I knew that going in because of ya'lls advice. I'm using 2.5s. As was said by many several times in the other thread, images are sharper ("[you'll] see like a teenager again"--which I actually never did wearing glasses), colors are distinctly cleaner/brighter; and during my "dual vision" period, I could see plainly what Baron23 described--yellow tints to everything with the cataract eye. The contrast between pre- and post-op vision is so stark and "shocking" that I'm considering lowering the contrast and brightness adjustments on my flatscreen TV. Testing the left eye before the second surgery, I probably saw at least 300yd farther than the glasses-right eye; I wanna say I could see an 18-wheeler CLEARLY--I could make out the windshield at 1500-2000 yards out, where the other eye wasn't clear distinguishing an 18-wheeler at 1000 yd. I should say that a 1911 iron sight at arms' length is a little fuzzy, but no worse than with the previous glasses, and in a defense situation I'd have no second thoughts whatsoever about my vision's accuracy in that case. I can't wait to look through my Sharps iron sights. I shot 8 rounds through that rifle and gave up and it's been in the safe for 10+ years because I was waiting for this or a period-correct scope... if it makes any sense to ya'll, I went from -11/+3 to zero in the left eye after one week. Since the right eye hasn't "fully" recovered, we haven't tested it yet with that light machine--but I could see the 3rd line down the chart 24 hours after surgery, where the left eye couldn't read the top line.

All ya'lls advice was impeccable!

Thank you very much, Guys! I'm grateful for your help and all the time you devoted to my questions.

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