CDNN options


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Oct 21, 2008
Houston, TX
Just recieved a catalog from CDNN. They have a FN action and a Winchester 70 package that appears it would make a good donor action. Thinking about using one of these as the start of a custom build.

!. Is there any difference between these actions? They both appear to have been made at the Hartford, CT factory.

2. How difficult are they to get trued, etc.?

3. Would there be any problems with using either of these with Badger M5 bottom metal?

4. Any cons to going this route with one of these actions?


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Sep 17, 2009
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Re: CDNN options

cannot answer those questions, but brownells is now offering 700 actions for sale again. wholesale is $100 less than the listed price, but thats still $400. just so you know


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May 19, 2008
Re: CDNN options

I bought 4 sniper instructor friend bought 10. They are amazing slamed into Hogue stock no torque wrench just screw driver. Generally shoot about a half moa at 100, he shot 1 7/8 at 300 yds( do a search I have posted before as well as others). The magazine is not very good ( put in a CDI 10 rd mag) I you can afford call Mannors they are very use to working with these, tell them if you are going to use CDI bottom metal.

As an economy fix the Hogue overmold stocks work, but cheek weld is very low just build up with a stock pack end the end flexes if rifle rested on the end. We had the piller bed Hogues, others as the full be Aluminum is better, either way. These FN are right there with much more expensive rifles.