Hunting & Fishing Change up for the Rut.


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Oct 21, 2007
Austin, Texas
Here is my contribution for the year. Not the largest in the state, but the hardest I have worked for.

The rut timed with a full moon this year. We just were not seeing the volume of deer we are accustomed to. Plus, last Tuesday a storm came in and blew down the remaining acorns, and the rain put new growth all over the ground. With the drought this year, the late rains, and the full moon, the deer were scattered all over and nocturnal more than normal.

The first day we didn't see a deer one. So I changed up tactics, and it was not popular in camp.

Sleep in, take lunch and plenty of snacks to the stand and sit from 8-9 until I couldn't stand it anymore. First day I made it until 3PM, second I only had to make it to 11:30. This guy came in and freshened up his scrape.

He was behind a brush top that had fallen in the storm, so all I had was a spine shot at 70 yds. I have never used the 155 AMAX to hunt with, but I don't see me changing anytime soon. Everything inside looked like it had been through a blender. He only had 6 teeth in the bottom front, everything else was gums. Thanks for looking, and good luck to everyone still in the outside bush.

On a side note, what are the chances when I go to poke him in the head with my barrel to make sure he was expired that a tine goes straight in my bore and breaks it off? Dammit.

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Nov 8, 2009
Re: Change up for the Rut.

Thanks for the story and the pic! Our rifle season opens here on Saturday. Our deer aren't in full rut yet. The young bucks are chasing, but it's not in full swing. I think this week coming up (bow only) will be a good week to hunt. The moon is on its way out and the rut is very close.