Left Hand Sale Complete Defiance 6 dasher match rifle/223 trainer rifle-PRICE LOWERED


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Mar 27, 2017
Hey guys, I am selling my left handed match rifle/trainer rifle. This is a complete package and is perfectly optimized for PRS use and would make a killer rifle to get started with. Includes both 6 dasher barrel and 223 barrel with 308 Boltface bolt and 223 bolt.

The specs are as follows:

Defiance Deviant left handed action
Benchmark MTU 1/7 twist 26” barrel (6 dasher/1500 ish rds)
Benchmark MTU 1/7 twist 223 barrel (250 rds, brand new with 223 bolt)
Masterpiece Arms BA comp chassis in custom camo cerakote
Area 419 hellfire brake
Jewell HVR trigger set at 12 oz
Atlas CAL bipod w/area 419 arca adaptor
Full internal weight kit
Full Grey ops external weight kit
1 10 rd Accurate mag in 223
1 10 rd MDT man 223
1 12 rd MDT Dasher/BR mag

Chamber specs for the 6 dasher are : .274 neck (optimized for Alpha brass), .104” freebore. Absolutely hammers. See groups below.
Chamber specs for the 223 are: match chamber (.093” freebore) designed for 75-90 gr bullets.
I’ve been running 75 eld at 2960 fps out of lapua brass and it hammers as well.
Barrel is just broken in and has 250 rds on it.

This rifle is 100% ready to rock and roll. Just needs a scope
I will of course provide load data for both 223 and 6 dasher with it upon sale.

Just need some extra money and this rifle isn’t getting much action.

Asking $3600 shipped to your FFL (which is way less than the cost to
build this but OBO obviously


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