1. Nicholi2789

    Left Hand Sale Complete Defiance 6 dasher match rifle/223 trainer rifle-PRICE LOWERED

    Hey guys, I am selling my left handed match rifle/trainer rifle. This is a complete package and is perfectly optimized for PRS use and would make a killer rifle to get started with. Includes both 6 dasher barrel and 223 barrel with 308 Boltface bolt and 223 bolt. The specs are as follows...
  2. W

    Firearms Larue Tactical

    Larue Tactical PredatOBR 5.56 20" barrel. Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56, CMC 2.5lb drop in, Timber Creek Heartbreaker muzzle brake, Magpul MOE stock and Harris bipod. Extremely nice rifle as expected from Larue Tactical. Great coyote setup. Really solid and it’s a tack driver. The Strike Eagle is...
  3. DFNM


    $750 MPA BA Comp rem 700 short action *Barreled Action SOLD* 223 Match complete Rifle $1800 shipped to your FFL *MPA BA comp SA RAT *Blueprinted REM 700 *PTG Fluted bolt *23.5” Bartlien barrel 7.5T 1500 rd ct *Timney Calvin Elite with interchangeable shoes * 100 pieces of Lapua Fireformed...
  4. Dr. Davy Jones

    WTB Wtb factory Remington 700 varmint contour 223 barrel

    Looking for 26”, 1:8 or 1:9 twist would be great. Shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  5. dcogan@360Precision

    Firearms 360 Precision AR15 16 Inch .223 Wylde FDE Cerakote - for sale (new)

    360 Precision custom shop customized this AR15 with the following: Aero Precision AR15 Pistol Complete Lower Receiver with Magpul MOE Grip and SBA3 Brace ($240) Magpul CTR Carbine Stock - Black ($60) Aero Precision M4E1 Threaded Assembled Upper Receiver – No Forward Assist – Anodized Black...
  6. L

    Hi, old member, new to the app. From CA.

    Hi all, Been around for a bit. I stay in Los Angeles , Mexican roots ,US citizen,I call LA home. I prefer bolt guns and rimfire guns in general. But yes, I do like ARs haha. I Love this place , it has taught me a lot and the few interactions I have had with some members had been great. I even...
  7. L

    A rimfire scope in a 223 bolt, will it make it?

    Hi all: So as I post this, I just purchased a howa 1500 short action in 223. I purchased a Nikon Prostaff Rimfire II ,3x9. It is currently mounted in a mp15-22. As I have a side red dot on that 22, a trs25; I want to use that scope in the new 223 bolt action. Will the scope take the recoil? I do...
  8. H

    SOLD Tikka T3 Varmint Stainless 223

    Tikka T3 Varmint stainless Element chassis cerakoted graphite black with folding stock Henderson Precision Element full length Arca rail 20 MOA pic rail MDT 223 Aics polymer magazine Factory varmint barrel1/8 twist shortened to 18" muzzle threaded 1/2-28 750 rounds fired Also included...
  9. TAMU21_Shoots

    SOLD SOLD - Rem 700 223 Barreled Action w/ 26" Bartline

    For sale is my 223 Trainer barreled action with the Timney Calvin Elite Trigger, 20 moa NF rail, and a 26" 7.7 twist bartline barrel M24 (90% sure it has 5/8 x 24 threads). I bought it from a hide member 2 years ago with 350 rds on it and since have put an additional 600 rounds on it. I was...
  10. C

    Ammo 6.5 Creedmoor 6.5 PRC 300 PRC 223 6 Creedmoor

    Prime 107 Gr 6 Creedmoor/7 boxes/ 140 rounds/$35 a box Shipped (minimum 3 boxes) sold Sig 140 Gr Match Ammo: 9.5 Boxes/190 Rounds/$30 a box Shipped sold Hornady 6.5 PRC 143 Gr ELDX: 3 boxes/60 Rounds/$65 a box Shipped SOLD Hornady 6.5 PRC 147 ELDM: 9.5 boxes/190 Rounds/$65 a box Shipped (min...
  11. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Brigand Arms Atlas 15” carbon fiber handguard

    Selling my 15” Brigand Arms Atlas carbon fiber handguard. Weighs just 7.1 oz with the barrel nut. This was for an AR build that never happened, so it’s in excellent condition, almost like new. Comes with barrel nut and original box. https://brigandarms.com/product/atlas/ $275 shipped pp f&f or...
  12. All~American

    TBBC Load Development

    Bought a few hundred 62gr Speer TBBC 224” recently and am looking to reload. Seems there isn’t much out there to work off of as far as load development goes so I’m looking for anyone who knows a thing or two about where to start. Anything is appreciated but I am looking more for those who...
  13. N

    SOLD Sold worlds finest trimmer 223 and 308

    These are the original worlds finest trimmers. One for 223 and the other for 308. $50.00 each plus shipping.
  14. lead ƒarmer

    SOLD Gun room clean out - 338 bullets

    I am cleaning out my gun room and have quite a few partial boxes of bullets and a few new ones too. Prices listed below DO NOT include shipping. SHIPPING WILL BE MY ACTUAL COST, I will find the best deal for you. That way people can buy multiple things with one shipped price. I can take Venmo...
  15. 4

    SOLD Larue Brakes

    I have 2 Larue 223 brakes threaded 1/2-28. Each have around 50 rounds through them. Link to specs ---> https://www.larue.com/products/larue-tranquilo-5-56-muzzle-brake-adapter/ $60 each shipped. or $110 for both shipped.
  16. R

    77 SMK & COAL Variations (RCBS SB Die)

    I'm loading 77gr SMKs to mag length (2.6") but I'm getting variations between 2.55" and 2.60". Is there anything I can do make this a more uniform process? Below is my process. 1. Tumble once fired brass (RP in this case) 2. Resize and deprime 3. Trim cases to length (Layman hand trimmer) 4...
  17. VaderRubiconJK

    Accessories Trade Pending MDT 10rd BR Mag for Accurate 223

    Looking to trade one as new MDT 10rd BR aics mag, used a couple times at the bench, will come in original packaging, for a 10rd Accurate 223 aics compatible mag. Pics available by request. Thanks. Trade pending 1/22/21
  18. jackdesert

    Reloading Equipment SOLD

    For sale as listed: $250 is the going rate for 1,000 SRPs these days from what I gather but not sure so that is my price (send offers), I am located in Northeast Florida (Saint Augustine area). I'm pretty certain I cannot ship these without "HAZMAT training" from UPS or FedEx, so local meet only.
  19. DH302

    90gr 223 /2000mr

    Ok I need some help guys, new to heavy 223. 26 in 1-7 twist heavy varmint profile, .090 freebore. Question is I want to try 2000 mr , seating depth 2.540 .010 off lands, what charge do I start at? Forgot fully prepped LC 12 brass alliant says 23.8 at 2.550 coal , is this start or max
  20. S

    223 Rem reloading advice

    Hello, I'm looking to get some advice on making my groups tighter for my 223 reloads. I'm fairly new to reloading and recently tested out some loads using BL-C(2). I loaded 55 rounds starting from the starting load in my reloading book and working my way up to the highest load. I started off...