Firearms Craddock Ar10 6.5cd 24" bartlein, mega maten, JP FMOS bcg


Sep 20, 2021
Los Osos, CA
Bartlien SS 5R 24inch, 1-8twist +2 gas system barrel spun up and head spaced to bolt by Craddock precision
- superlative arms adjustable gas block
-JP brake professionally clocked
- JP FMOS BCG headspaced to barrel
- radian raptor charging handle
- mega arms Billet Maten MML matching upper and lower 16"handguard with full length pic rail, additional pic on side for light etc, QD sling on rail
- Area 419 12" Arca rail,
-RRS tri pod ARCA rail
-Magpul PRS gen3 stock
-JP silent capture buffer/spring set
- Anarchy grip with thumb shelf
-Geissele national match trigger
- 480 round count, wanted to compete in gas gun class but decided to stick with bolt guns
- rifle shoots 140 burgers 1/2" at 2770fps with H4350, CCI450, and Lapua brass
Also have 3 Lancer 10rd mags to go with it.
No low ballers please this over 4k rifle if pieced together
$2500 for rifle

***also have RCA 308 complete BCG*** $250

Some possible trades:
-Bartlein 6mm 400ModBB blank or 6gt barrel chambered for Ruckus/Tenacity
-6gt brass alpha prefer but hornady works
-APA Fat bastard gen3 6mm or 6.5

"Rangers lead the way!"


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