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Dracos barrel for AR10


Oct 27, 2020
Hey guys, I have a dracos 7mm-08 barrel in my ar10. I have had this thing apart for a while and have moved twice and now when trying to get it back together I cant find the gas block (dwell chamber, or whatever they call it) screws. I was just wondering if somebody had a barrel that they could check the thread pattern and length for me so I could get some replacement screws. Thank you for any help in advance.
Happy to help, but I think the gas block is the issue. Measure the journal diameter (the part of the barrel where the gas block is), and it will likely be easy to replace the gas block, or you and drill new set screws.
I'm just missing the screws. I'm just wanting to know what thread and length the screws are to be able to hold the gas block. I know they were three Phillips head screws, just no idea the length or the pitch.
Should be a stantard size. Bcm may sell the ones that have teeth(forget what its called) in the bottom seprately
The op is talking about these...

Just call them and ask.
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