ELCAN SpecterDRs, Comprehensive Selection

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We have a comprehensive selection of 1x/4x and 1.5x/6x ELCAN SpecterDRs, including the hard to find FDE models and 7.62 ballistic reticles. We have multiples of each in stock and ready to ship.

I personally own and regularly use this optic and find it to be the most useful carbine optic available, they do every task very well. From the red dot at 3 yards to 4x at 500, there's not a more flexible and capable optic out there.

They can all be seen or purchased here> http://www.oaklandtactical.com/ELCAN_bymfg_7-0-1.html

We also have the very capable and budget friendly carbine optic, the SpecterOS 3.0x, model ATOS3.0A2 with an Illuminated 5.56mm Ballistic Reticle. Specifications, details or purchase here> http://www.oaklandtactical.com/IN-STOCK-ELCAN-SpecterOS-30x-model-ATOS30A2-Ballistic-556mm_p_1236.html
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