emergency need to sell fast.... please help


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Dec 29, 2009
i just had a family member pass away in a car accident today and need to sell my remington 700p that i had custom build for me this year so i have the funds to make it to oregon for the funeral, any help would be much appreciated. its a remington 700p in a mcmillan a5 stock with adjustable cheek piece, it has a badger m5 dbm and badger bolt knob installed, barrel been cut down to 20 inch with a surefire muzzle break installed, comes with 3 10 round mags and 1 5round mag, a coyote tan dragbag which is pretty much brand new just picked it up 2 months ago at local gun show, has scope base but no scope, i had rob snyder at rwsnydergunsmithing.com do this build for me, will also throw in a couple hundred rounds of black hills ammo and am looking around $3500.00 for all. i would not be selling this if it wasnt an emergency, i have some pics posted on the mcmillan a5 thread has a sand bag with my last name farrell on it so you can see what it looks like and if some one could post pics for me that would help to. also has a harris bipod that comes with and 260 rounds has been put throught this gun