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Favorite thing in Ukraine?

My wife.

And all of her siblings who immigrated here, work blue collar jobs and love America.

All the other Ukrainians that I have met through her who are hard working, down to earth people who just want to be left alone.

Just because the government is shitbags doesn't mean the normal people aren't just the same as us.
small penis problems, short on confidence, reading comprehension issues? Show where people are actually attacking the people here and not a systematic corrupt or known issues to the state? I mean lighten the fk up Francis
Whats with all the Theis hate. Always seemed like a square gu Did I miss something?
Who’s hating on thies?
Hero of the mother land 🇺🇦

He's scamming ruskies out out their tanks for the motherland. Heard he might have got a badass mower too. Stupid skies!
Thanks but no thanks! Said I’d be required to fly to Ukraine!😂😂

I think these days you can pick them up all over Europe just dodge the looters

Imagine if you taped looters to poles in some of the Demorat cesspools , before the night was over they would all get literally no just figuratively fucked.

Ukrainian brides ->try before you buy 2 for 1 package deal
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I worked as a contractor for Litton/Motorola based in Odessa from 1998-2000. It has changed a lot since but, back then, all you had to do was take a seat at a sidewalk cafe on Deribasovskaya and wait for the girls to approach you. You didn't even have to try. All you had to do was sit there, drink your morning coffee and wait for it. It was unbelievable.

Food was good but the booze was even better. $4 for a Fifth of the best vodka I've ever had. So pure, you wouldn't even wake-up hungover the next day.
Those are my recollections of Odessa and Kiev was also pretty amazing for bar life in the evening but that was 15 years ago for me