SOLD FS: JP LRP-07 Sis-fy CM


Jan 31, 2010
Dallas, TX
Moving to a Knights because I have that scratch that just has to be itched. Ya - I know. Going from a 1/2 MOA to a 1 MOA near guarantee, but whatever.

This rifle has 300~ rounds on it. Comes with an ultra slick battle warn type brown Cerakote job that's pristine in condition. The rifle could pass for new. This is a factory built rifle with no changes from what is offered on a "the works" build. This is a 2014 build as per the serial number.

Price is $3,000 shipped to lower 48.

Might trade for KAC ECC or Delta EMC, KAC 20rd mags, or possibly a S&B, ZCO or TT optics.

Pics to follow when I have time.
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