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rocket surgeon
Jun 1, 2010
western MT
Tikka short mag package to build off or shoot out of the gate. Stainless steel Tikka T3X with almost new (<50 rounds) 22" 300 WSM barrel. New barrel spun onto what was was originally a 270 WSM that had about 200 rounds through it. Both shoot great. The 300 WSM rifle comes with the extra 270 WSM 24" barrel. Both barrels are threaded 1/2x 28. Easy barrel switch. This could also be a perfect platform to build a 6.5 PRC. Comes with like new stock, CF bolt handle, steel lug and steel bolt shroud. Tikka slick bolt action. Also includes 28 new pieces of primed 300 WSM brass and 19 pieces once-fired. Also includes 300 WSM Lee collet die set. Plus one extra WSM mag.
850 plus shipping FFL to FFL. 73BE5272-7ACA-4D0F-BED3-4E6A625E9B74.jpeg802EA8EC-BC2E-402A-A1FC-625D5C65F44D.jpegB741BFD6-7699-48CE-B4D6-F3D11A5DD773.jpegC20FA380-FAC0-441A-8963-DED9D1E4EB6B.jpegD5FCAC6E-496F-4B96-808D-A26CBE79B9AE.jpeg
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