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Movie Theater Full New Elon Musk Interview. Ron Baron Conference Nov 2022. With Timestamps

steve podleski

Full Member
Nov 26, 2005

00:01 Intro and Elon's age 01:17 Why Still working 04:40 Patents 06:15 Next Tesla Cars 06:45 Autonomy 08:45 Tesla Manufacturing 14:00 Elon Living in the Factory and Working when Rich 19:00 ELons Memory 19:40 Starship and the Moon 27:27 Motivation for being a multiplanetary species 31:10 Twitter 31:50 Twitter Price 33:30 Meta, Tick Tock, Twitter advantage 41:45 New work load with twitter, Twitter new management and twitter potential 47:35 Tesla Delivery Wave and Q3 49:25 Tesla Mining and Glencore 51:40 Questions