GAP question??


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Aug 23, 2009
Rivesville, WV
I realize I could call, but I just want to ask this question.

I just saw a post where a fellow just picked up a GAP rifle(dpreston I believe his name is). And I really like this rifle. The cartridge is 7 WSM. I think it would make an unbelievable hunting rifle. The camo appeared to be in olive drab. But I am not exactly sure if that is what it is called, but I really like it.

Personally I always thought that painting a rifle in camo was a bit silly. But I am beginning to change my mind about that. One of the things that made me think it was silly was that the rifle would be in camo. Then the mounts and scope would be in black, or non matching camo.

Now to my question, as it pertains to the GAP camo. First question is resiliency. How well does the camo hold up over time?? Second. Can you send them the scope, and have the scope, rifle, and mounts all finished the same?? And third. How do you clean your rifle with that type of finish applied?? Or is there no difference in cleaning?? Thanks, Tom.



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Feb 22, 2010
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Re: GAP question??

I do believe if you send them your scope/rings/ect., you can have them all matched in camo.

-I'll get you the specs on my build in the A.M.