Gene Simmons tribute


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Apr 1, 2007
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Re: Gene Simmons tribute

I'll be the dick that looks a gift horse in the mouth- He fucked up the Army song and combined it with the original Caissons (Artillery) version.

Here is the actual one (a cover one with a few liberties taken at the end- still better than Caissons mashups). It forever irks the shit out of me how the "official" version is never the full version. We go rolling along? fine.. but what of the list of accomplishments? The purpose is to build esprit de corps and connect current with the past. How can we expect some Pvt to take pride in his duties if all he knows is we go "rolling along"? FUCK that. Sing about The Rough Riders, Washington, trials, tribulations, victory, and suck.

God forbid a change of command ceremony be an extra minute and a half long.

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I don't know what other OSUT and Basic training is like, but in 5/15 CAV 19D (Cavalry Scout) OSUT (One Station Unit Training- no basic/ait, just straight through), we sang this song EVERY night from start to finish and we sang it loud, proud, and our Drill Sergeants were not pleased until their ears hurt (quite an accomplishment when most were half deaf anyway). We always sang the National Anthem in conclusion...and may God be with the unfortunate soul that had the stupidity to yell "play ball!" at the end.