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Gradous gunsmith class.....Again


Gunny Sergeant
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Jul 21, 2008
If your going to learn you might as well learn from the best.

I spent another weekend with Robert to learn a little more on what it takes to build a one hole rifle.
Saturday morning came early....4:00 am we were in the shop getting ready. We went over lathe setup and how extremely important it is to have your lathe setup correctly.

Before breakfast I had my barrel dialed in correctly (within .0001) and had the barrel chambered in my favorite cartridge..The 6.5x47. After breakfast I installed a Vias brake and turned the brake down to match the contour if the barrel.

We fit the stock to the barreled action and then coated the metal in ceracote. After drying and a cool down period we bedded the barreled action into the stock. Then it was time to eat and watch some football?

The next day we were greatest by Jered Joplin from American Precision Arms. Jered arrived just after we had popped the action out if the stock. We cleaned up the bedding with the mill and Jered helped us assemble the rifle so they could take a short break to put some fish on the table.

This rifle is for my 7 year old son. My mission is to put him on as many deer this year as possible. I owe a big thank you to Robert for taking me under his wing going on two years ago. He continually builds me the quality of rifle that I'm looking for. Which is a .1 or less rifle. That's my guarantee from him or I send mine back....I just haven't had to send one back yet! ( this makes #6)

Thank you Robert and Jered! You are both class acts


Kelbly Atlas action
Bartlein #3 contour 20 inches plus vias brake
Manners EH3 with ADJ Spacer system
Jewell trigger
Nightforce 5x20 SHV
APA rings


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Most of these parts were picked up at matches. That's the good thing about shooting his rifles

Thank You

American Precision Arms

I appreciate your generosity
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WOW!!!! What a PERFECT rifle Joe!! I wish I was there to see the look on your sons face when you handed it to him, I bet it was priceless! I wish him the best of luck & hope he bags a trophy or 10!! Congrats my brother on a job well done!
His name on the barrel is a nice touch. Congrats on a fine build for your son.

Definitely need a Range Report on the shorty 6.5x47!
That shorty is awesome any kid should love one of those. Can't wait for a .100 five shot group those are the best!!!
Awesome rifle... Your son will have a hard time topping that one.

My first hunting rifle was my grandfather's 30 cal. M1 carbine from when he served in the Navy during the Korean war. It was stolen when I was in 8th grade and my dad replaced it the following Christmas with a .270 Browning BAR. That did the job for the next 12 years, up until 5 years ago when a friend of my dad's opened my eyes to precision/long range shooting and I bought a Remington 700. This same friend took my dad and I by Robert's shop one day and I knew then and there I would own one of his rifles one day. Over the next 3 years I learned a lot behind that .243, all the while acquiring parts for my first custom build. The .260 we built is an absolute laser and has put many 'a deer down and printed many 'a small group over the last 2 years. As awesome as the rifle is, it's the whole experience I am most grateful for. I've said it many times, but Robert truly is a salt of the earth person and I am extremely thankful to be able to call him a friend.
How long do you typically have to wait after you schedule a weekend with Mr. Gradious before you get your turn to start the build?
Robert does know his stuff.
I really liked that stock a lot. I called Manners up and ordered one Monday.

I have some photos of Robert and I at the "Think Tank" but I was forbidden to post them ;-)

Joe it was great to see you as always. Hope your son enjoys his little Killer.
Pretty rifle, sure wished you'd used a MicroBastard for the lilfella who'd would be shooting it..............he should be fine, but I'd bet the
MicroBastard would make that .308 feel like a .22 rimfire. O-o
MisRead your right, dayum where I get .308 from LOL!!!! With that being said as pre the 47L, it'll shoot like a pellet gun with the MicroBastard!!!!