Green Mill 1/4 Scale Tactical .22 Match (Denver area)


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Oct 29, 2008
Denver CO
The Green Mill 1/4 scale match is held monthly on the 3rd Saturday of the month. See announcement and "typical" course of fire attached below:




Location: Registration:

Green Mill Tactical .22 Steel Challenge Matches for 2020

Held on the 3rd Saturday of each month:
October 17th, 2019,
November 21st,
December 19th

8:00 am – 8:30am: Registration
8:35 am: Safety Briefing / Site-in (targets at 50, 183 and 232 yards)
9:00 am: Match Start

12:30 pm: Match End.

Entry Fee: $25.00 (Cash only)

Green Mill sportsman’s Club Shooting Range, Erie CO
In person, 8:00am – 8:45 am at the range, limited to 32 shooters

This is a “Quarter-Scale tactical field match” using quarter-scale steel targets that range from 35 yards out to 242 yards. The match consists of nine shooting stages firing 8 to 20+ rounds from supported and unsupported positions (e.g. standing, sitting, kneeling, prone, tripods, barricades, rooftops etc.) under time pressure. This competition mimics long-distance shooting in field situations and closely approximates long-range PRS style competitions.

The ballistics of a .22LR closely align with the ballistics (wind drift and drop) of a .308 (175g SMK) at 1⁄4 of the distance. In other words, if you manage to hit the 1⁄4 scale IPSC target at 232 yards with your .22, the elevation and wind call needed to “ring steel” will closely match the elevation and wind call needed to hit a full-size IPSC in the field at 938 yards with a .308. A detailed knowledge of your ballistics as well as good wind reading skills are required to make first rounds hits. The course of fire is fun and challenging and will help any shooter hone his or her marksmanship skills.

Who may shoot:

This match is open to Green Mill members as well as the public 18 years and older. A youth 12 years old an older may also shoot this match if a parent or legal guardian accompanies them AND shoots with them. Non- members must sign a liability waiver to participate.

Firearm Requirements:

This match is limited to .22 LR rimfire rifles only. Rifles may be semi-auto loading or bolt action and for safety purposes, all eligible firearms MUST be equipped with a detachable box magazine – No exceptions.

Required Equipment:

  • A 22LR rifle topped with a scope with exposed elevation turret and MUST have a detachable box magazine
  • A sling and/or front bi-pod and at least two magazines, and 150 rounds of ammo

  • Optional Equipment:
  • Shooting bags, Shooting mat, Binoculars or Spotting scope
  • Shooting tri-pod (may be used on certain stages but must be set up on the clock), suppressors welcome and encouraged
  • Directions From Denver:
  • I-25 north to Exit #232 (Erie Parkway)
  • Drive West on Erie Parkway past County Roads 7 & 5
    Left (south) on Bonanza Drive (past Erie Fire Station on S.W. corner)
  • Left on first dirt road (just past Fire station and Longs Peak Rd.
  • Follow dirt road (Green mill Rd) for 3⁄4 mile to GreenMill range gate and turn left at the first
    intersections and drive over the hill towards the trap and police ranges.


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Oct 29, 2008
Denver CO
The following is the Course of Fire for the last match held in August. Each match varies slight but not much:

Green Mill Tactical .22 Match

Course of Fire August 15th, 2020​

Stage 1 – Standing offhand (Standing with or without sling, 12 shots)
Target(s): Hanging silhouettes: chickens, pig, turkeys and rams (white) and life-sized crow (white)

Course of fire:

46 yds. - 2 shots Chicken (1 pt.)
66 yds. - 2 shots Pig (1 pt.)
85 yds. - 2 shots big turkey (1 pt.)
110 yds. - 2 shots on big ram (1 pt.)
185 yds. - 4 shots at the white life-sized “White” crow (3 pts. each hit)

  • Time limit: 2 minutes (120 seconds)
  • Shot limit: 12 shots
  • Shooting position: Standing offhand
  • Gear restrictions: limited to rifle sling only
Stage 2 - “Dog Hunt” (Shot at prairie dogs in the shooting box (15 shots). Simulate hunting shots on the real animals at 4 times the distance.

  • Time limit: 120 seconds (2 minutes)
  • Shot limit: 15 shots (3-shots per animal near to far).
  • Shooter starts standing with gun & equipment and magazine in hand, bolt open
  • Gear Restrictions: Rifle, sling, bags and any props in the shooting box.
  • Shooter cannot touch elevation knob.
  • 2 points for each hit on dogs beyond 110 yards ... including the Rock Chuck.
Stage 3 – “Know Your Limits” – Near/Far/Near/Far (Prone 16 shots)
Target(s): 8-Target rack at 46 yards AND KYL circles at (N) 186 yards

  • Time limit: 2 minutes (120 seconds), Shot limit: up to 24 shots
  • Alternates shooting one shot near, one shot far from left to right alternating between targets on the KYL rack at 46 yards the KYL targets at (N) 186 yards.
  • Gear restrictions: none (tripods must be set up on the clock)
  • 46 yard targets worth 1 point far targets are worth 2 points
  • No points lost for a miss.
Stage 4 – “Wind Doping”: (211 and 232 yards, 15 shots / 45 possible points)
Target(s): Wind chime rack (O) and Small standing ½ Prairie Dog (P) at 225 yards.

  • Time limit: 2 minutes (120 seconds)
  • Shot limit: 15 shots
  • Shooting position: Prone with bi-pod or bags or shooter can provide and set up his/her own tripod on the clock.
  • Shooter shoots must spin the red (middle) strip all the way around (3 points) to then proceed to shoot all remaining rounds at the small standing p-dog at 225 yards (3 points each hit).
Stage 5 - “Mover” (As many shots as you can get off in 60 seconds w/mag change)
Target(s): Red prairie dog at 86 yards (Top of the 3rd berm, 25 feet left of the turkeys)

  • Time limit: 1 minute (60 seconds).
  • Shot limit: shots limited by time (60 seconds).
  • Time starts with gun on table bolt open, magazine (2-shots) in hand.
  • Gear Restrictions: Rifle must make contact with shooting bench. Slings, bi-pod allowed, bags in place of bi-pods.
  • Shooting Position: any appropriate but gun must rest on the table.
  • The shooter can only shoot 2 rounds from the first mag and then must do a mag change or be DQ’ed.
  • Shooter can shoot as many times as possible in 60 seconds or less.
  • 1 point per hit.
Stage 6– “Barricade” - strong side / weak side (110 yards, 8 shots / 8 possible points)
Targets: 4” Squares (93 yards and 161 Yards)

  • Time limit: 120 seconds
  • Shot limit: 16 shots
  • Gear restrictions: none other than tripods must be set up on the clock
  • Shooting position: Best you can build
  • The shooter Must alternate shots near (E) to far (J), near to from each shooting position
  • From the right side the shooter must shoulder the rifle in his/her right shoulder. From left side the shooter must shoulder the rifle in his/her left shoulder.
The shooter is awarded one point per hit for right or near 4” square (93 yards) and 2 points for far 4” square at 161 yards

Stage 7 - “Game Hunt” Quarter Scale Trophy Animal - 15 shots.
Targets(s): ¼ scale animals Coyote (85 yds), Mule Deer (133 yds.), Antelope (149 yds.) life-size crow (171 yds) – 2 pts, howling coyote (191 yds) – 2 pts.


Time limit: 2 minutes (120 seconds).
  • Shot limit: 15 shots.
  • Position: Shot from sitting or kneeling position.
  • 3 shots at each target near to far.
  • 1 point per hit (2 points per hit) on mule deer vitals and crow.
  • Gear restrictions: Gear restrictions: none, (tripods must be set up on the clock)
  • Shooter cannot touch elevation knobs

Stage 8 – “Hostages”
(16 shots / 30 possible points)

Targets: Hostage rack at 110 yards and IPSC (N) 186 yards and (P) 225 yards

Rules: This course of fire consists of 2 parts – up to 15 shots total
  • Time limit: 2 minutes (120 seconds)
  • Gear restrictions: none (tripods
  • Shooting position: any appropriate shot of the roof
  • Alternate shooting 3 targets starting on the left side of the hostage rack (biggest) by shooting one shot at the “bad guy” on and then move to shoot one shot the ¼ scale IPSC (N) then one shot at the IPSC (P) then move to the next smaller “bad guy” target on the rack and repeat.
  • Shooters can choose to stop any time
  • If the shooter hits any hostage they lose all points gained so far but can start over with their remaining shots.
  • Bad-guys worth 1 point, good guys worth 2 pts each hit.

  • No one steps off the concrete pad down range
  • Beware and watch for people on the 200 yard targets on both the police and Big Bore ranges
  • Anyone can call a ceasefire!
  • We must coordinate cease fires with big-bore and police ranges
  • Guns should be stored in the racks actions open magazines out.
  • Shooters start with action open and magazine in hand – only insert magazine when time starts.
  • Only close the action when sights are aligned on target.
  • Clear rifle: remove magazine and open action and check the chamber before leaving the line.
  • Guns can be placed on the line facing downrange if the barrel is beyond the edge of the concrete pad.
  • Every shooter MUST open the bolt (bolt action rifles) with any movement in a stage. They should not close the bolt until the gun is on target. Semi-auto require that each shooter put on the safety and yell out “Safe”! before changing positions.


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Oct 29, 2008
Denver CO
Not this Saturday. The match is always held on the 3rd Saturday of the month. We will shoot on the 21st.

hope to see you then. I will make a general announcement tomorrow.


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Oct 29, 2008
Denver CO
Reminder to all in the Colorado front range and those that might be passing through with a rifle - the Green Mill match will be held this Saturday.

For all of you that are fair weather shooters and have not come to this match before, we shoot under a roof and are semi protected from the elements. Most cushy way to say that you shot a match in the snow or rain.

The course of fire will be "similar" to the one described above but with some slight changes each time to make things fun and keep it interesting .
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