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Aug 26, 2020
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Bought a new carry gun thought I would give my thoughts. Shadow systems cr920 9mm. Full disclosure I’m a shadow systems fanboy of sorts, I already had the mr918 and the dr920, and they are my two favorite handguns.

Until today I had been carrying the p365 which is a great gun but I changed for mainly one reason. I love the trigger on the p365(as I do the trigger on the p320), in my humble opinion one of the best triggers that comes with a factory gun but it’s more sensitive than I want for a gun that spends all of its time pointed at my leg or junk, so by personal preference I like glocks(or Glock like) firearms for carry and Sig products for accuracy or score.

So I had been hoping for Glock to release a 43 with decent capacity. The cr920 had a rough launch, there were numerous videos of the gun failing miserably so I decided against buying it. Reviews started to improve so early last week I called Shadow Systems. The tech was honest, yes the Initial run had issues but not design issues but part production issues that were resolved, and anything past the initial run should be 5 by 5, if not they will fix it, just told me to give it 200 rounds first.

Got the gun yesterday went to the range this morning. First impressions the gun looks just like it’s larger cousins, and resembles a Glock with rounded edges, more aggressive stippling, and a grip more like a M&p than like a Glock. It’s the same size as a Glock 43, just a hair smaller in height and width than the p365, slightly smaller than the hellcat, and noticeably smaller than the shield plus(Height and width wise).

The cr920 doesn’t have back straps like the mr or dr series, looking inside the magwell I could be wrong but I believe it’s to accommodate the additional capacity. It holds 10 rounds with a flush magazine vs 6 for the 43, and 13 with the extended mag vs 10 for the 43x. The gun comes with the sites I prefer blacked out rear and yellow night sight front. The sights for me are a combat sight picture with the dot covering the center of the target.

To the range. I took 5 kinds of ammo, Federal hst 124, Winchester nato 124, Winchester white box 115, igman 124, and the worst ammo I’ve got drz Turkish 115 grain with primers which may be made out of a mix of brass and rock. First 4 rounds failures, all failed to go into battery with Winchester Nato, and I thought why did I do this. Then as suddenly as it failed it became flawless. 46 Winchester Nato without a issue. 50 rounds Winchester white box ran perfectly. 50 rounds igman ran perfectly. 50 rounds of drz ran perfectly and those are really underpowered rounds, 50 rounds federal hst perfectly. With the last five rounds of each set I tried to get the gun to fail, shot one handed off hand, half limp wristed others and it still ran.

Trigger: feels like a Glock trigger with more of a defined wall and reset, a decent amount of take up squish, wall then crisp break at about 5.5 pounds. The trigger seemed to work its way in well, round 250 was smoother than round 1.

The only negative I can really say is like allot of higher capacity micro nine’s I’ve tried the slide is tight, and manipulating the slide once my hands started to sweat would have been difficult if I didn’t use my hand over the top of the slide braced against the rear sight(which I normally do anyway).

Accuracy: the trigger doesn’t do accuracy any favors but that’s the trade off I was willing to accept. The barrel is accurate more so to me than a stock Glock barrel, actually considerably more than a gen 4 barrel, and slightly better than a gen 5 barrel.
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