Range Report Had a good day with the TRG-22


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Jun 5, 2009
only one pic and basically just bragging.

My TRG has an 18.5" inch barrel With an Ase Utra borelock suppressor on it. No bipod, I shoot from a ruck these days. Just for fun.
Took it out to 600 yards while prone on a 16x16 plate, and a 12x12 plate.
Then I pulled out the tripod and the pig saddle, sat on my butt and rang the gong at 720 yards.
Finished the day with 3 out of 6 hits at 1060 yards from prone (16" plate).

Suppressed 308 TRG-22, 18.5" barrel. 155 scenars at about 2700 fps. Im the guy in the middle.

Please note the aftermarket forend on the rifle to the right (also a TRG-22). Absolutely awesome.

trg dagen.jpg

I dont get to shoot much these days (I was an active competitor about 4 years ago) so for me it was a really good day.